Immigration Suffering

I’m a bit of a Facebook junkie. Though I know this isn’t good for mind or soul health, still I find it the best place to engage friend or foe. It’s a far from perfect format in which to carry on a debate as the threads are linear and tiered at the same time. Your comments often don’t appear where they should in the conversation. While you’re writing, multiple (usually vapid) contributions interrupt the flow.

So, for my friends with whom I try to engage and develop a topic, I apologize that I usually leave the conversation early. There are often too many others (not my friends) trying to establish a new premise. It’s not a good way to have a conversation at all, really.

The Issue

About immigration and the zealous reactions to president Trump. Yes, I didn’t say “Trump’s actions” because this kerfuffle over separating children from their law breaking parents at the southern border is not about child welfare, but overwhelmingly, and solely about Trump. Everybody I know who’s having a cow about detaining children separately from their adult chaperone(s) while proper vetting occurs are firmly established Trump haters, or at least “never Trumpers”. (Some even have those cheeky lawn signs that say “hate has no home here”. Yeah, right.)

My beef with you is this:  your refusal to ask and answer the right questions in the proper order because your identity as a butt-hurt sore loser, and mission to restore your electoral dignity is what drives you.

The first question is, “do we have an immigration problem?” If your answer is “no”, then I’m assuming you have no issue with open borders where people from anywhere in the world should have unlimited, unfettered access to the US landscape and all its citizenship benefits. You’re invited to leave so no more of your precious caterwauling time is wasted. What I’m about to say won’t even make sense to you.

If “yes”, we can proceed to talk about sovereignty, law and order, compassion, and accountability.

Sovereignty:  because a country without borders is just an area of land without common culture or values or language.

Law and order:  because law is the foundation of treating people with equity and dignity; lack of either breeds chaos.

Compassion:  because it’s not only a virtue; it’s delicate and is measured in results and not just good intentions.

Accountability:  because it’s the other side of the responsibility coin; and, it cuts both ways in any relationship.

The World Has a Lot of Shit-holes

If this were not true, folks would be content to stay where they are. On a planet where 9k children per day die of starvation, and wars and interpersonal violence take a huge toll on life, health, and liberty, we’re hard pressed to pick a cause worthy of our attention. Humans are a pretty shitty lot. Would that we could take in those 3.1 million kids and countless other millions in harms way or abject poverty.

There’s little disagreement that the steady stream of people from Central and South America trying to traverse our southern border are looking to remedy their personal suffering caused by any number of societal ills in their homeland; economic strife and violence being high on the list. I really don’t blame them for trying. I’d probably do the same. And then there’s Haiti, and Africa, and Asia, and the Middle East; places where there is no land bridge to a promised land. I didn’t find where anyone polled the world to see how many people would like to come to the US, but it’s fair to say it’s a bit more than the 1.3 million we invite legally every year.

So how many is enough? How many is too many? How do we properly manage the right number? What’s a good enough reason to let somebody in, and then to stay permanently?

The conversation starts there, not with issues of detaining illegal entries or with temporary separation of adults and children.

Protecting Children

I’ve got no issue with protecting children. There’s a special place in hell for those who wantonly abuse or exploit kids. But, it’s not so easy to ensure a child’s safety and welfare while balancing the rights of parents. Here in MA, the DCF has but to petition a judge with little more than hearsay to seize a child. The assumption of parental guilt is an awfully difficult legal stigma to overcome – especially when your kid is remanded to the custody of some random stranger and you haven’t even been arrested and charged with a crime. So let’s not pretend that the government isn’t going about its business every day tearing apart families. If you are arrested, your kids don’t come with you to jail. They go to that roulette prison of the foster care system.

Let’s also not forget that our welfare system has been bribing single moms now for over 40 years, incentivizing unwed mothers to kick out their deadbeat baby-daddies. And abortion, good Lord how many millions of babies have been separated permanently from mother and shuffled off this mortal coil?

So how are the children accompanied by illegally entering adults abused at the border? Other than the natural fear and uncertainty when this occurs, they’re not. Just because a child cries doesn’t mean it’s being abused. When my kids cried, you’d swear someone had cut off their arms. I’d be willing to bet that our detention facilities are a mite better than from where most of these folks hail.

What to Do About Illegal Border Crossing

There are basically 3 options:

  1. Detain them
  2. Turn them away
  3. Turn them loose to the interior

The problem is how to manage detention. If we’re going to insist that the families stay together during the vetting process, we’d better be prepared for the cost and consequences. The first thing we should be asking when an adult and a child are together is, “where’s the proof this is a family?”

Many foreigners crossing illegally don’t have identification. If they do, the kids don’t. Talk about a child safety issue. This alone is reason enough to make damn sure a kid isn’t already in the frying pan before we release them to the fire. Separating the child from the adult makes some sense here.

We could always just put them directly on buses or trains or planes and transport them to the interior from whence they came. Provide a stern warning that the next attempt will be a felony, and this will trigger a lengthy criminal process likely ending in deportation and legit child separation.

And then there’s the 25 year old solution: willfully look through our fingers at immigration law, charge them with a misdemeanor and release them to the interior of the US on their own recognizance with a court date there’s no way in hell they’re appearing for. Bang! Just like that. 13 million or so illegal immigrants walking around the general population; no clue who they are, where they are, what they’re doing. Some killing, some raping, some stealing, many populating already overcrowded jails, still more suckling off the public teat. They’re now a subculture within our culture; not fully citizen, not fully alien, living in a constant state of chaos.

An inhuman, untenable, dangerous chaos that needs to change.

The biggest reason Trump was elected in the first place.


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