As i See it Today

Hopefully, the universe of our thinking and understanding is always evolving. That’s not to say that we should never believe in anything nor should we consider all things subject to uncertainty. But concerning how we apply the principles we conserve, we ought to keep an open mind.

As a Christian, I’ve experienced (mostly in the last 5 years) considerable changes to my understanding of Jesus and culture. Jesus hasn’t really changed much. Culture changes all the time. Where those two meet must also remain flexible and open to change. I used to think that because i’ve experienced the transforming grace of Christ that somehow I’m a better person than those who haven’t or have rejected the offer. I also believe that is the crux of what annoys non-believers; that Christians in America in particular have for a long time tried to use the power of government to lord over their lesser heathen neighbors. And this, not solely because they believe it pleases God or will somehow make their fellow citizens better but, because they feel it’s their perogative as better people.

I no longer embrace that hubris.

This morning I noticed something disturbing. The very thing that non-Christians have found irksome about Christians is on display prominently yet subtly on the cover of Newsweek. It’s time that we all take a step back and recognize when our stongly held beliefs, creeds and opinions cause us to conclude that those who oppose us are to be judged and condemned. It is the literal definition of bigotry and lays the foundation for perpetuating our cultural misery and perhaps demise as we live out the warning of this saying:

“Societies don’t become more tolerant; they just change targets.”


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